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37 Years of Dedication: Recognizing Larry Rohm

At Delmarva Power, our commitment to the communities we serve comes from our dedicated employees, many calling the company home for much of their career like Larry Rohm, an integral part of our Gas team for 37 years. Known for his dedication and willingness to share his knowledge, the lead mechanic operator has left a lasting impression on his colleagues.  

Kristina Brennan, manager of Gas field operations, describes him as a dedicated mentor who believes in sharing experiences to facilitate smoother processes within the department. 

“Amongst the team, Larry is the epitome of a team player,” Brennan notes. “He is always willing to share his experiences, believing that knowledge sharing is crucial for continued success.”  

Rohm’s collaborative nature not only strengthens the bonds within the team, but also fosters an environment where everyone feels supported and valued. His commitment to teamwork extends beyond mere cooperation; it embodies a genuine desire to see his colleagues succeed, earning him admiration from employees across the company. 

Sean Momot, Gas supervisor and Rohm’s manager, also acknowledges Rohm’s positive influence, praising his knowledge and attitude. “From the time I was in the union with him, until now as his supervisor, Larry has always displayed a positive and knowledgeable attitude.” 

Serena Wilson-Archie, director of regional gas operations, reflected on Larry’s recent insight as well. “At the start of this year, Larry shared that he had one word for me, adaptability; being able to adjust to new conditions or capacity to be modified for a new use or purpose. In the moment, I believe that was pertaining to our team, however, I took that a little further and attached it to the natural gas business and how this current leadership regime, including him, can position Delmarva Power’s Gas division for continued advancement.” 

Rohm’s commitment to excellence and his support for his team continue to define his legacy. His dedication to empowering others and fostering a learning environment has shaped the future of gas field operations and has a positive impact on the customers we serve.  

“I’m happy I stayed here,” said Rohm. “There were quite a few years whenever someone came here, they never left. It’s a good place to work.” 

Larry Rohm’s contributions will continue inspiring those fortunate enough to work alongside him.