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Access to Natural Gas Meters – in All Kinds of Weather

At your home, natural gas allows you to heat your home, generate hot water, cook meals and more. The meter not only measures your gas usage, so it is important to ensure it operates safely and properly. There are times when our gas employees need to gain access to the meter, and obstacles may make that difficult, especially in a gas emergency.

Please see below for things to help keep your meter protected from potential risks so it can be always reached safely:

  • Make sure the path to your meter is free from debris, large branches, vines, or overgrowth.
  • In the colder seasons, keep the area around your meter free of leaves, snow, and ice.
  • In the warmer seasons, keep the area around the meter free of shrubbery and plants.
  • When landscaping or changing the soil grade, keep the meter free of mulch, dirt, or grass.
  • Do not lean anything against the meter or tie anything to your meter.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.  Please refer to our Gas Tariff for further information at Delaware (Gas) | Delmarva – An Exelon Company

At Delmarva Power, Safety is our top priority. If you smell gas call our GAS EMERGENCY line: 302-454-0317. If you have any questions about gas meter access, please contact us at 1-800-375-7117.