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Advocating for Energy Assistance Funding on ‘LIHEAP Action Day’ and Helping Light the Way for Customers to Access Critical Assistance

Today is Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Action Day and our team members are on Capitol Hill to meet with representatives and advocate for policies that protect funding for LIHEAP and support vulnerable households in the District of Columbia and Maryland.

What is LIHEAP?

LIHEAP is a federally funded program that helps limited-income households with their home energy bills. Don’t wait for winter heating bills to arrive before applying for help – LIHEAP is a first come, first serve program. Grants are provided in varying amounts (up to $1,800 in the District of Columbia and $2,213 in Maryland), with no payback required. Requirements include a household’s income, type of fuel and type of dwelling. Homeowners, renters, roomers, and subsidized housing tenants may also be eligible. Customers do not have to be behind on their bills to receive a grant.

If you live in Maryland you can apply for LIHEAP energy assistance through the Department of Human Services website, or by calling the Maryland Department of Human Services Office of Home Energy Programs at 1-800-332-6347.

If you are a District of Columbia resident, apply for assistance online through the Department of Energy and the Environment’s (DOEE) website or by calling 3-1-1. DOEE’s Utility Affordability Programs website provides further guidance on assistance programs available for residents who are facing financial challenges. As a reminder, District residents who have received LIHEAP assistance in the past must recertify their need for assistance this year. Enrollment does not roll over automatically.

Additional Payment Assistance Is Available

We also work with our customers to help those who may be facing difficulties paying their energy bill by offering payment arrangements and helping customers secure grants and other support from several available energy assistance programs. In 2023, we helped more than 35,000 customers secure more than $45.5 million in energy assistance, including more than $17.5 million in LIHEAP funding.

If you do not meet LIHEAP requirements and are having difficulty paying energy bills, we are here to help. Contact our Pepco Customer Care team at 202-833-7500 or visit for more information.