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Atlantic City Electric Celebrates National Drive Electric Week

This week marks National Drive Electric Week (September 23 to October 2), a nationwide celebration aimed at raising awareness of the benefits of electrifying our transportation systems.

Atlantic City Electric is proud to offer programs to help our customers transition to electric vehicles (EVs). Through our EVsmart program we are supporting the installation of an EV charging network that will provide charging opportunities from border to border, and provides rebates and incentives for customers making the transition to an EV.

As part of Atlantic City Electric’s program, the company provides incentives to cover a portion of the installation costs for 1,100 privately owned/operated Smart Level 2 (L2) and direct current fast charging (DCFC) ports in locations available to the public 24/7. The company also offers a new rate option for owners of public EV fast charging stations that will help attract private investment in fast chargers and support the continued expansion of charging infrastructure in South Jersey.

For residential customers looking to make the switch to an EV, we offer a 50 percent rebate (up to $1,000) to cover the installation of Smart L2 EV charging equipment in homes. Additionally, the company also offers incentives for multifamily building owners and commercial customers to support workplace and fleet charging. While not yet available, Atlantic City Electric is working to develop an EV rate option that encourages customers to charge their vehicles during “off-peak” hours.

We’re excited to offer these programs and resources to our customers and communities. With the wider-spread deployment of EV charging stations, we are able to build a reliable energy platform that connects our communities and supports our goals for powering a cleaner and brighter future.

For more information about these programs, visit our EVsmart website and apply for EV charger rebates and explore our EV toolkit, which allows customers to learn the basics of EV charging, use a savings calculator to compare the cost of gas versus electric-powered vehicles, view available state and federal tax incentives, and locate local EV dealers.