Doing Our Part to Reduce Marine Pollution
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Doing Our Part to Reduce Marine Pollution


Each year, one million sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals are killed from plastic in our oceans, making plastic one of the most serious threats to ocean life.

That’s why for more than 15 years, our employee volunteers have been working alongside Clean Ocean Action – an organization that delivers programs to protect waterways using science, research, and citizen action – to clean up Atlantic City’s beaches and methodically use the quantity and type of debris they collect to identify pollution problems in the area. The results are compiled in the annual “Beach Sweep” report; in addition to identifying the sources of pollution, the report also offers solutions to help combat it.

“The coastline and the beaches have such a special place in the hearts of so many of us from this region,” said Lee Wasman, external affairs manager, Atlantic City Electric.  “The beaches are part of who we are, so it just feels great to pitch in to make sure they remain a special place.”

Twice a year, 30 employee volunteers walk the New Jersey beaches to ensure they’re not only clean for summer beachgoers, but for the marine life as well. The “Beach Sweeps” report is offered to legislators and has been used to help create federal, state and local programs – including the law which requires plastic six-pack rings today to break away, helping avoid wildlife becoming stuck in the rings. These small steps are helping reduce litter in the environment.

“Our employees are committed to their work, and are equally as committed to their communities and the environment,” said Vince Maione, region president, Atlantic City Electric. “Working alongside Clean Ocean Action allows our employees to reaffirm that commitment while ensuring our beaches and marine life are protected.”

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