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Bees are a Buzz for Atlantic City Electric

Honeybees are now buzzing at our Carney’s Point, N.J. office following the installation of three honeybee hives. We are committed to supporting the environment across our service area. Declining pollinator populations has created an urgent need and this project was started to promote their valuable contributions to the ecosystem.

Pollinators are essential to preserving a healthy ecosystem and we are committed to expanding and protecting the habitats where they live and breed. Carneys Point was selected for its large campus, opportunities for engaging employees and the bees will complement the current stormwater pond restoration project and proposed Wildlife Habitat Council Conservation Certification at the site.

The bees were provided by Mill Creek Apiary, a small, local apiary located in Medford, N.J. The project includes the installation and management of three Atlantic City Electric beehives. In addition to the management of the hives, Mill Creek will also provide opportunities for our employees to participate in “hive dives” where up to 10 employees can complete an in-person hive inspection and learn about the bees firsthand.

Check back in the spring, when the honeybees will produce Atlantic City Electric’s first official harvested honey. To learn more about our commitment to pollinators and other environmental initiatives, visit