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Cold Weather Ahead – Secure Energy Assistance Now While Funding is Available

As the days become shorter and evenings grow colder, increased energy use is almost certain. At the same time, the current health pandemic continues to keep more working adults at home and school-aged children learning virtually, further contributing to potentially higher energy bills. The good news is there is tens of millions of dollars in state and federal energy assistance funding available to help you pay your energy bill. Here’s what you need to know.

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), which began accepting applications for Maryland residents on July 1, 2020 and for District of Columbia residents on October 1, 2020, provides up to $1,000 in grant support for your energy bills in Maryland and up to $1,800 in the District. However, you must act now to secure funding as LIHEAP is a first come, first served program and is only available until the money runs out.

In the District, the Utility Discount Program (UDP) helps limited-income residents reduce their utility costs. Eligible customers may receive a discount of up to $475 per year on their electric bill ($300 per year if non-electric heat). You can visit the Department of Energy and the Environment website to apply online. The Greater Washington Urban League also provides up to $500 in assistance to eligible customers facing disconnection. You can call 202-265-8200 or visit

If you live in Maryland, you can apply for assistance online through the Department of Human Services website, or by calling the Office of Home Energy Programs at 800-332-6347. Customers who have the ability to do so, can provide support for those in need by contributing to the Good Neighbor Energy Fund or through the Gift of Energy program.

We understand our customers and communities have been significantly affected by the pandemic. If you have fallen behind on your energy bills, we will continue to work with you. If you find yourself in this position, please contact us to establish payment arrangements and secure energy assistance.

You can establish payment arrangements and learn more about energy assistance at or by calling 202-833-7500.