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Delmarva Power Celebrates National Drive Electric Week

This week marks National Drive Electric Week (September 23 to October 2), a nationwide celebration aimed at raising awareness of the benefits of electrifying our transportation systems.

Delmarva Power is proud to offer programs to help our customers transition to electric vehicles (EVs). Through these efforts we are installing chargers in areas that need them the most, helping provide EV drivers flexibility and the ability to travel without worrying that they might run out of power. We also offer customers rebates, tools, and information on how to successfully go electric.

In Maryland, we have already installed 75 of a total 100 new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations planned across our service area. This includes chargers in areas like Denton, Pocomoke City, Princess Anne, Salisbury, Stevensville, and more.

Through our EVsmart programs in Delaware and Maryland, we offer special electric rates for residential customers with EV chargers to encourage charging during off-peak energy usage periods.

We’re excited to offer these programs and resources to our customers and communities. With the wider-spread deployment of EV charging stations, we are able to build a reliable energy platform that connects our communities and supports our goals for powering a cleaner and brighter future.

For more information about these programs, visit our Delaware and Maryland EVsmart websites. There, you can apply for EV charger rebates, explore our EV toolkit, which allows customers to learn the basics of EV charging, use a savings calculator to compare the cost of gas versus electric-powered vehicles, view available state and federal tax incentives and locate local EV dealers.