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Delmarva Power Recognizes Natural Gas Workers – Some of the Unsung Stars of the COVID-19 Pandemic (Robert Serrano)

This Natural Gas Utility Workers’ Day, we’re honoring the employees who work tirelessly, day in and day out, to safely maintain nearly 3,600 miles of natural gas pipelines in northern Delaware—serving  our 136,000 natural gas customers. As many of us work and learn from our homes, the need for reliable natural gas service is now more important than ever before.

Here is a look at one of the many natural gas workers that keep the gas flowing safely—come snow, rain, sunshine or pandemic. As we recognize these employees and their colleagues, we thank them for their service, for their dedication, and their willingness to safely serve our customers as we power through the health crisis together.

Name: Robert Serrano
Role: Gas Project Engineer
Years with Delmarva Power: 8 years

Q: How has the pandemic impacted your work?

A: The impact of the pandemic on me extends to relocating my primary workspace to my home. This has increased the use of technology, but it has also decreased that social interaction that I believe we need to have a successful workplace.

Q: With more people at home, what has it meant to you working to deliver such an important energy service for customers?

A: It puts in perspective how important natural gas and other utilities are. With more people working from home, it really shows how reliant our customers are on our efforts to maintain safe and reliable service.

Q: What would you like others to know about your work?

A: The natural gas business at Delmarva Power is a unique place, where you can learn and improve on all aspects of the business from the financial side, to engineering pipelines and project management. It’s a profession with an immense opportunity for growth.