Powering Waste Management's Environmental Goals
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Powering Waste Management's Environmental Goals

As a leading energy provider, we’re always looking for opportunities to deliver innovative energy solutions for our customers and offer guidance on how they can meet their evolving energy needs.

When Waste Management came to us wanting to reduce their regional fleet emissions by converting their Wilmington waste collection fleet from diesel to natural gas, we knew we had an opportunity to help.

With their Wilmington hauling company located 4,000 feet from the nearest natural gas main, we provided a plan to build a service line that would deliver a cleaner and more affordable fuel source directly to their doorstep. With this new infrastructure, Waste Management was able to reduce its carbon footprint in Delaware and begin building its local fleet of 24 compressed natural gas (CNG) waste collection trucks.

“Delmarva Power helped us continue our mission of reducing our environmental impact,” said Chris Farley, Waste Management’s Delaware general manager. “As the continent’s leading operator of heavy-duty CNG trucks, we value innovative energy providers like Delmarva Power who work with us to meet our operational and environmental goals – benefitting not only our organization, but also the residents of the cities we operate in across the U.S. and Canada.”

Waste Management today is operating more than 7,000 CNG collection trucks across the two nations and is planning to convert as many of its 17,000 collection trucks to CNG operation as possible. Each time the company converts a diesel truck to CNG operation, it reduces its consumption of diesel fuel by 8,000 gallons a year.

Expanding access to natural gas in northern Delaware is just another way we are helping to power a cleaner and brighter future for our customers and communities. To see how converting to natural gas can help your business, explore our Switch to Gas Calculator or visit our My Switch to Gas website.