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Empowering the Future: High School Students Shine at the EV Grand Prix

Custom-built electric vehicles (EVs) zipped around the track at the EV Grand Prix held at RFK Stadium in D.C. The electrifying event showcased the talents of high school students from the region and provided hands-on experience in building electric vehicles, fostering teamwork and preparing students for careers in science and engineering. The atmosphere was filled with support and enthusiasm from students and their families.

The EV project, sponsored by Pepco and Global EEE, offered students a comprehensive understanding of renewable energy technologies and project management. By constructing their EVs from scratch, the teams gained practical knowledge in design and safety compliance. The race challenged students to optimize power usage and strategic lap planning, emphasizing the importance of data analysis and attention to detail. Through this hands-on experience, the event not only prepared students for college programs but also empowered them to contribute to a sustainable future by embracing clean energy solutions.

Participants like Jovan Beezerdwyer, a rising senior aspiring to be an aerospace engineer, recognized the significant preparation the EV Grand Prix required. By promoting early education about the transition to an all-electric future, this collaboration stands to foster a mindset of sustainability and innovation for success in a changing world.