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Fighting Food Insecurity in South Jersey

Saundra Wilson, Senior Fleet Manager, received Exelon’s Powering Communities Employee Volunteer Award, the organization’s highest achievement for volunteerism and community involvement, for her work with Loving Our Cities. Alongside Saundra’s recognition, Loving Our Cities also received a $5,000 grant to invest in its community support programs.

For nine years, Saundra has worked with Loving Our Cities, a New Jersey-based nonprofit that aims to improve the quality of life within its communities. Saundra volunteers each Saturday at the Hope Winslow Mobile Food Pantry, helping distribute food to community members and use the skills she gained as a trainer at Atlantic City Electric to help register and organize the members.

Recently, Saundra celebrated her 38th anniversary of working at Atlantic City Electric. She credits the business with her motivation for volunteering, “The company has been great with servicing me, providing me opportunities to work, to learn, to get educated, and I feel like I need to give back to the community and the company promotes that.”

In 2022, Atlantic City Electric employees volunteered more than 10,000 hours – which is more than 1,250 workdays – to support 125 different events throughout South Jersey. This volunteerism is on top of the approximately $1.2 million Atlantic City Electric contributed to local nonprofits.