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Gas Meters In High Traffic Areas

In our daily lives, we pass by gas meters while without even giving them much thought.  That is potentially hundreds of meters that we walk, bike, or drive by each day. We can pass these meters without concern because we trust that they safely doing their jobs.

While most meters are found in quiet areas, some meters are located in “high-traffic areas” and require additional awareness. A few examples include:

·  Loading areas or docks

·  Alleys where vehicles may pass

·  Parking lots

·  Close proximity to streets/highways

·  Inside garages, stores, or warehouses where vehicles, forklifts and other moving objects are used

Coming in contact with a gas meter while driving or backing a vehicle could cause a gas leak. For homeowners and business owners, understanding where your meter is located and determining if the area has frequent activity is important.

If you have a meter located in the one of the areas mentioned above and feel you are at risk, please contact 302-429-3290 or e-mail to explain your situation. Provide us with your name, address, the meter location and, if possible, a meter number. A member of the Delmarva Power Gas Engineering team will contact you to schedule an appointment.  If you do have an at-risk meter, we can take steps to correct the situation by either relocating the meter or installing bollards (a protective pole installed in front of the meter).

Maintaining and protecting natural gas service for more than 137,000 customers in New Castle County, Delaware is a priority for Delmarva Power. We want to make sure customers understand potential risk factors so that we can continue to provide safe and reliable natural gas service every day.