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How HALO saves energy to better serve the community

Since 2007, Hope and Life Outreach (HALO) has ministered to the homeless community in the Salisbury, Md., area. From serving meals on the street to running a women and children’s shelter, HALO provides a much-needed hand to those they serve. Providing 86 beds and three meals a day, HALO is a major 24/7 operation that requires plenty of resources, such as lights, refrigeration and HVAC. Energy efficiency upgrades offered a clear opportunity for big savings that can have a large impact on the entire community.

With a limited budget, HALO continually seeks to maximize its energy expenditures. That’s why HALO has participated in Delmarva Power’s energy efficiency programs for nearly a decade. Starting in 2013, HALO has completed multiple energy check-ups and energy-saving upgrades throughout its facilities. Through their participation, HALO is projected to save more than 244,000 kWh in energy use and more than $37,000 on their energy bill each year.

HALO’s first upgrade project was to convert 314 light fixtures to energy-efficient lighting. This positive experience led to nine additional energy efficiency projects. In total, HALO replaced its water heater, five refrigerators and seven freezers, and their upgrades provided benefits that went beyond cost savings.

“I just love the energy savings, but I love the improvement in appearance, too,” says Celeste Savage, HALO’s Founder, CEO and Executive Director. ““Not only have we saved a tremendous amount on our electric bills, but we saw a major difference in the amount of available hot water. Updating and upgrading the old items saved us so much. “We’ll definitely participate in future energy efficiency projects. It’s more than just the financial savings. It’s the peace of mind.”

Every dollar that HALO saves on electricity means more money is available to better serve its guests. The group initially received $135,301 in incentives and expects to save 244,029 kWh of energy each year—enough to power nearly 22 homes.

Our Energy Savings for Business program provides financial incentives and technical assistance to help businesses maximize energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. Financial incentives can cover up to 70 percent of project costs.

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