Helping SPCA Open Local Facility for Animals Affected by Recent Hurricanes
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Helping SPCA Open Local Facility for Animals Affected by Recent Hurricanes

At Delmarva Power, we know that being a good community partner means supporting local organizations that need our help. So, when the Brandywine Valley SPCA decided to open its new facility ahead of schedule to take in hundreds of animals that were displaced by hurricanes Florence and Michael, Delmarva Power volunteers were ready to lend a hand.

For months, employees from our Millsboro and Harrington offices have been volunteering with the Brandywine Valley SPCA to help its new animal rescue center prepare for full-time operation. Employees have been performing tasks such as securing fences, building beds for the animals, and other projects to help ready the facility.

When hurricanes Florence and Michael hit the southeastern U.S. earlier this year, many animal shelters in the region were full and unable to make room for animals left behind or lost during the storms. That’s where the Brandywine SPCA and our volunteers were able to help. By working together, we were able to help the SPCA open its new facility ahead of schedule and prepare to take in animals from partnering shelters in Florida and North Carolina.

Since opening its doors, the new shelter has served as an evacuation hub for hundreds of animals displaced by the storms. In the future, the Brandywine Valley SPCA hopes to expand the use of the facility to take in animals subjected to cruelty, those needing behavioral modification, and other animals at risk to help rehabilitate and prepare them for adoption. Their future plans provide even more opportunities for our employees to lend a helping hand – or paw – to man’s best friend. 

From volunteering their own time to supporting company-sponsored events, our employees across Delaware and Maryland are giving back to the communities where we live and work. In 2017, our employees volunteered more than 11,200 hours of their personal time to help support local organizations and volunteer initiatives, and we have contributed more than $1.3 million to local nonprofits. To learn more about what we do to help your community, visit our community volunteering webpage.