Setting the Standard for Environmental Stewardship
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Setting the Standard for Environmental Stewardship

At Delmarva Power, we value the environment and are always working toward delivering a cleaner and brighter future for our customers and communities. So when we build infrastructure projects to maintain safe, reliable service for our customers, we build them in a responsible way that minimizes potential impacts to the environment.

This year, our commitment to environmental stewardship was recognized at Delaware’s 2018 Agricultural and Urban Conservation Awards. Delaware Gov. John Carney honored Delmarva Power, along with our environmental partners, McCormick Taylor, Inc., for carefully protecting natural areas throughout the rebuilding of a major transmission line in Kent County.

The award-winning project to enhance reliability for our customers across Delaware runs 43 miles along the entire eastern length of Kent County. It crosses several fresh water wetlands and tidal marshes, so our environmental and engineering teams worked together to design the project in a way that protects these sensitive habitats. This included using a combination of composite wetland matting, filter logs, temporary bridge crossings, and other industry-leading practices to minimize the project’s construction footprint. In fact, in critically sensitive areas, we used aerial sky cranes to transport and install transmission poles and lines, reducing the need for vehicles on the ground.

This sense of environmental responsibility stems from our deep connection to the communities we serve. That’s why our parent company Exelon, the nation’s largest clean energy producer, just announced a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our internal operations by 15 percent by 2022. This effort will include adding more efficient lighting and equipment and increasing investment in electric vehicles, helping us further reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to healthier communities.

Whether it’s major projects or day-to-day operations, our commitment to the environment extends beyond operating in compliance with applicable requirements. We strive to be a leader in addressing environmental challenges. From model conservation practices to the light bulbs we use, we are making sure we are protecting the environment for future generations.