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Interns Enjoy an Electrifying Summer at Pepco

Have you noticed some fresh faces around your office lately? Summer is now officially under way and Pepco has welcomed a new cohort of interns into the fold for an electrifying summer program! The program consists of ambitious high school and college students who are eager to gain hands-on utility experience while supporting a wide array of our business functions and teams at Pepco.

The program began in early June with kickoff events where interns met their managers and peers, engaged in icebreakers, and learned what to expect over the course of the summer.

The internship program boasts a lineup of both virtual and in-person events, designed to allow students to get together and learn more about the company – from technical operations to core competencies and values. Event highlights include a group Innovation Challenge, speed networking events, lunches with executives, tours of substations and overhead line demonstrations.

The program also offers sessions where participants learn about the company’s vision and strategy, finance, safety, regulated utility ratemaking, and the basics of the utility power system and delivery process – from generation to the customer’s meter. Each Friday, interns gather for a virtual presentation to hear from one of our employee resource groups and learn about the events and opportunities they offer to all employees.

Rising senior Callaway Pate is interning on the Smart Grid Project Execution team. What about this experience has surprised him most? “I was surprised to learn more about the intersection of engineering and community outreach. In many of the pilot projects we do in Smart Grids, it is crucial that we properly communicate and educate the community on technology that is meant to offer them improved services.”

What’s next for our summer interns? The program is set to conclude with final presentations given in mid-August. Each program participant will have the opportunity to present in front of company leadership and their peers, sharing what they have learned and accomplished over the course of their internship. Reflecting on his journey this summer, Callaway says, “My experience is marked by the many positive connections that I’ve made with not only my fellow interns but also members of my team and leadership.” Callaway will return to Penn State in the fall to finish his degree in Energy Engineering, equipped with the experiences and knowledge he has gained this summer. As a former intern myself, I can confirm that the connections and hands-on experiences this program provides lay the groundwork for future success and a fulfilling career with the company.