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Kickstarting Sustainable Futures with DC SCORES

Pepco is proud to continue its longstanding partnership with DC SCORES, a local organization dedicated to fostering a city where every child thrives. DC SCORES runs the District’s only consistent public soccer leagues for elementary and middle school children. Through service projects, poetry, and sports, DC SCORES supports and celebrates children on and off the soccer field.

This spring, we joined forces with DC United to host an Earth Day themed event at Raymond Elementary School’s new, energy-efficient building. The event focused on engaging students with the concept of sustainability as student ambassadors led their peers in discussions around carbon footprint reduction, which serves as their service-learning project for the season.

Some of our employees were also present, helping students connect the dots between their everyday habits and their environmental impact. The interactive day culminated in a fun soccer practice with D.C. United midfielder Jared Stroud and Pepco volunteers, fostering teamwork and a sense of community among local students.

“It’s great being able to see our poet-athletes learn about our industry and the importance of keeping our planet safe and healthy, and how little actions can have great impact,” says Jason Monroy, senior corporate citizenship specialist. Jason serves on the Advisory Committee for DC SCORES, working alongside the Board of Directors to advance Pepco and DC SCORES’ goals to enhance our collective impact on the community. “I’m proud to be part of this great partnership, where I can blend my passion for community service with my love of soccer.”

This event exemplifies the spirit of our partnership with DC SCORES. By working together, we can empower young minds to become responsible citizens who appreciate the importance of sustainability. Together, we’re able to deliver meaningful impact in the neighborhoods where we live and work, leaving a lasting positive influence on the next generation.