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Local and Diverse Suppliers Help Bring the Capital Grid Reliability Project to Life

The Capital Grid project is a major component of our efforts to strengthen the local energy grid, making it more reliable and able to resist the effects of more severe storms that are a result of the impacts of climate change. Part of this project includes upgrading our existing Takoma substation in Maryland and Harvard substation in Washington, DC.

Work on both substations is underway with the help of our contractor, Clark Construction, and other diverse certified businesses.

As a company with deep roots and a strong commitment to empower the communities we serve, we are eager to work with local and diverse contractors and suppliers to bring the Capital Grid project to life. We work with contractors across our service area who are committed to the highest levels of safety and service. Working with local suppliers, like Clark Construction, is our way of tapping the very best talent from our communities – men and women who live and work here and who are just as invested in strengthening this community as we are.

We welcome the opportunity to work with residents and business owners to gather public feedback and input on this project and are committed to keeping customers informed every step of the way. To learn more, visit