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Partnership with Local Non-Profits Helps Those in Need this Winter

Newton’s Third Law says that for every action comes an equal and opposite reaction. These words ring especially true during the winter season when temperatures drop and energy usage creeps higher and higher. To help those struggling to meet their energy needs, Delmarva Power, The Salvation Army, and other local non-profits manage an ongoing partnership called the Good Neighbor Energy Fund.

Through the Good Neighbor Energy Fund, customers can donate to local organizations that provide payment assistance to customers struggling to pay their winter energy bills. Each year, we match $1 for every $3 received from the public, helping the fund grow and function as a valuable resource for those in need. Since 2014, we have donated more than $844,000 toward the effort, by matching public contributions – up to $70,000 annually.

The program is designed to help customers who need assistance the most. We work with The Salvation Army to make sure the funds are reaching customers who are struggling to pay their monthly energy bills.

“It’s a humbling and rewarding experience to be able to provide someone the ability to support themselves or their family when they need it most,” said Chrystal Kirby, social services director at the Delaware branch of The Salvation Army. “Partnerships with organizations like Delmarva Power are crucial to the success of this program and contribute heavily to the fabric of our communities.”

The Good Neighbor Energy Fund is one of many programs we offer to help our customers meet their energy needs. Other programs and resources to help customers defend their budgets when temperatures drop, and energy use begins to rise are available online at

So, this holiday season, consider bringing out the spirit of giving in your community through a donation to the Good Neighbor Energy Fund, knowing that we will match your donation and it will go directly to keeping your neighbors warm and bright. You can learn more about the program or make a contribution by visiting (Delaware) or (Maryland).