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Pepco Offers College and Small Business Recovery Relief

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pepco has provided additional support to our customers and communities. We understand that this pandemic has financially impacted our customers as well as small and medium sized businesses in our service area. As an essential business and the local energy company for over 100 years, we recognize the vital role that we play in assisting our communities as best as possible through each stage of the pandemic.

As the pandemic continues, we’ve been working to identify ways we can support our community from an economic recovery standpoint. As part of this support, we’ve taking steps to support those in our communities who are pursuing a higher education, as well as local small businesses.

Pepco is launching a new Communities Scholars Program that provides $400,000 in grants over the 2020-2021 academic year to support our community. This funding will target low and moderate-income community residents pursuing degrees in energy related fields, such as Engineering, Mathematics, Urban Sustainability, Business Management, Communications, and more.

“We are grateful to Pepco for this generous donation. At Montgomery College we are committed to maintaining a robust, local pipeline of talent for local businesses and the communities we serve, and this scholarship will help us do that. The need for assistance by students in this crisis has been unprecedented.  As the College works diligently to help Montgomery County rebound, Pepco’s donation is significant and timely,” said Dr. DeRionne Pollard, President of Montgomery College.

In addition, we’re increasing our small business recovery support to small and medium business in the District of Columbia, Montgomery, and Prince George’s counties by giving a total of $850,000 to help recover from the economic impacts of COVID-19. The small business recovery fund donations will provide additional funding across our service area through the end of this year to help local businesses continue to operate.

“We appreciate Pepco’s engagement in this unique partnership to help Montgomery County businesses reopen and recover from the pandemic crisis. Pepco’s generous $250,000 support of our 3R Initiative will allow our local retailers and restaurants to develop long-lasting solutions in a changing landscape. Pepco continues to reaffirm their commitment in the ongoing economic vitality of Montgomery County,” said Benjamin H. Wu, President and CEO of the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation.

This community effort is part of our mission to provide opportunities to residents to continue their education, ensure a strong and skilled energy workforce, and helps ensure that small businesses in our region continue to fight through the pandemic.