Pepco Grant Supports Innovative Housing Pilot Resiliency Program
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Pepco Grant Supports Innovative Housing Pilot Resiliency Program

Pepco announced a $65,000 grant and pilot resiliency project with Jubilee Housing, a community based nonprofit housing developer, to fund an emergency battery storage system at their Maycroft affordable housing property in Ward One's Columbia Heights neighborhood.

The innovative system provides three days of power to Maycroft residents in the event of an extended power interruption from severe weather or other emergencies. The grant is part of Pepco's broad-based effort to transform the future energy experience, while ensuring access to vital, sustainable energy resources for customers in all Wards.

"Creating a sustainably powered resilience room for the Maycroft affordable housing community further demonstrates our commitment to innovative technologies and increasing resilience for our most vulnerable residents and neighbors," said Dave Velazquez, president and CEO, Pepco Holdings. "This first-of-its-kind grant in the District paves the way for the important development of new energy technologies to increase resilience and build equity that will be integral to meeting our customers' future energy needs."

The Maycroft will host a 70.2 kilowatt (kw) solar panel array on its roof and a resilience room capable of powering its Family Resource Center and Teen Center for three days. The resilience room provides refrigeration for medication, a television and radio connecting residents to emergency information, lighting, and multiple electrical outlets to charge communications devices. Pepco will manage the interface between the battery storage and solar installation, allowing the company to learn more about using this technology in future applications. 

Jubilee Housing has more than 45 years of experience developing and providing affordable housing across the District. Its 10 properties include 300 units of deeply affordable housing, with many serving the chronically homeless population.

"Resiliency is especially important for vulnerable communities that already experience great uncertainty in the course of their lives" said Jim Knight, president and executive director, Jubilee Housing.

New Partners Community Solar assisted in the design and predevelopment of the battery system, and battery system installation on the Maycroft concludes this winter.