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Pride Employee Spotlight: “I am inspired by our LGBTQ leaders.”

Lisa Oberdorf started her career on the path toward becoming psychologist, but she quickly found a different way to help her community. Today, Lisa is a state affairs manager at Delmarva Power where she writes, reviews, and lobbies for legislation that best supports both our customers and the company. Most of her time is dedicated to supporting Delmarva Power’s Delaware service territory, but she also volunteers as a board member for both the company’s Pride Employee Resource Group (ERG) and Political Action Committee (PAC). Lisa credits her ability to manage these commitments in large part to steady support from her wife.

Lisa’s involvement in the Pride ERG is new, but her passion for LGBTQIA+ rights is not. “I am passionate about our rights and the impact the things we say, do, and legislate have on marginalized groups,” she explained. With this motivation behind her, Lisa helped connect the dots between legislative affairs, Delmarva Power’s PAC, and the Pride ERG.

Lisa and Governor Carney

A big part of Lisa’s job is to build relationships with and advise legislators. As a result, she’s been able to bring Senator Sarah McBride and Senator Marie Pinkney from the Delaware General Assembly to speak to for a PAC panel discussion in honor of Pride. Both senators are bringing important “firsts” to the state of Delaware. Senator McBride, who also spoke at last year’s event, is the first transwoman to serve in any state senate; and Senator Pinkney is the first African American LGBTQIA+ person to be elected to the Delaware Senate. Last year’s Pride-PAC event was one of their most well attended and Lisa shared that the material presented was emotionally moving and highly informative. On a personal note, she said, “I am inspired by LGTQIA+ leaders in elected office. It’s really impactful for us to know that we’ve got brilliant people out there who are representing us when our rights are being threatened.”

Seeing the company’s willingness to host challenging conversations is important to Lisa. While discussions and events scheduled throughout Pride Month may not have a specific focus on energy or utility, the investment in diversity, equity, and inclusion is crucial. Lisa is heartened by the allyship and open-mindedness she sees within the Pride ERG and among her colleagues. “I live my life like this every day, but it can be hard for allies to understand and step up. I think it’s great that people are taking that initiative,” she reflected. Whether you’re LGBTQIA+ and want to connect with your community or you’re an aspiring ally with a lot to learn, Lisa’s advice is to take the plunge and get involved with Pride – you won’t regret it!

Lisa’s wife, Alison, Lisa and their dog Luka.