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Reduced Energy Costs Make Increased Comfort Sweeter at Veronica’s Bakery & Café

When Eddy Campos-Molina’s mother bought Veronica’s Bakery & Café from her sister in 2017, she also inherited its outdated air conditioner. Unfortunately, it did not properly cool the popular Silver Spring, Md., restaurant, which was a concern because the comfort of employees and customers was a top priority.

Eddy, the restaurant’s director of Marketing and Community Relations, hoped for an option that could help with the business’s operational costs and energy efficiency. However, finding a financially practical solution wasn’t easy, with quotes for a new HVAC system running as high as $35,000.

After a local business alliance connected him with a Pepco Energy Savings for Business program representative, Eddy was reassured to learn that they could install a new, energy-efficient HVAC system that would effectively cool their space while also fitting their budget. He received a reduction in the cost of the project through financial incentives and was able to make interest-free monthly payments to cover the rest of the project costs, thanks to our Small Business Energy Advance.

“Pepco really worked hard to support us,” said Eddy. “The project contractor was also amazing. He knew what he was doing, he took care of most of the logistics, and was overall great to work with.”

With their new HVAC system, Veronica’s Bakery & Café is now able to focus on serving up the tasty Latin American, Salvadoran, and Mexican pastries and cuisine for which the family-run business is known.

“We noticed a big difference right away,” said Eddy. “Staff and guests are a lot more comfortable, and we’ve seen a reduction in the energy bill.”

Veronica’s Bakery & Café is proud to lead by example with its energy efficiency improvements. Eddy and his team are already looking forward to their next project – upgrading to LED lighting. “We’re passionate about helping the environment,” said Eddy, “and we hope to inspire other businesses to do their part as well.”

Our Energy Savings for Business program provides financial incentives and technical assistance to help businesses maximize energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. Financial incentives can cover up to 70% of project costs. For more information, visit or call 866-353-5798.