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Service, Community, and Grid Reliability: Spotlight on Dustin Nguyen

As we celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, we sat down with Dustin Nguyen, planning engineer and the president of the company’s Asian American Employee Resource Group (AARG), to learn how he connects with his culture at work and in the community.

Dustin joined our team in November of 2019 as an energy engineer, after learning about the company at a Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) conference. As an energy engineer, Dustin analyzed inefficiencies and advised customers and the company on how to conserve energy. Dustin was quickly promoted to planning engineer where he now maintains the electrical integrity for a particular geographic area. He ensures safety by forecasting the electrical capacity that his district can withstand. This helps prevent power overload and negative impacts on customers in the region. He also supports applications for prospective new businesses, distributed energy resource, electric vehicle charging stations and new technologies.


Dustin has always felt a sense of inclusion and belonging at Atlantic City Electric. In his experience, the company’s understanding of the strength of diversity comes through. He told us that his input is valued and often implemented. Dustin also appreciates having a space to come together with other colleagues of AAPI descent. “The Asian American Employee Resource Group gives me a place where I can identify and know I’m not one of the only people from my community at work.”

Outside of his involvement with AARG, he maintains his connection with SASE, the organization he joined at a student at Lehigh University, which ultimately led him to Atlantic City Electric.  He now serves as a volunteer for the organization that is dedicated to the advancement of Asian heritage scientists and engineers, and, for Dustin, it’s done just that. He credits his early career opportunities in part to his involvement with SASE. Dustin currently serves currently the National Convention Chair of the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers. In his role, he oversees planning efforts in the marketing and programming committee. He explains that being a member of SASE has helped him grow personally and professionally, which is why giving back is important.

A Pennsylvania native, Dustin is the son of parents who came to the United States from Vietnam in the late 1980’s and carried their culture over through language and tradition. His family’s legacy influences some of his best practices at work. One that stands out the most to him is putting yourself in others’ shoes and being considerate of their needs. This practice helps him daily, as knowing and understanding his audience enhances his interactions across the business and with customers.