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Spring into Energy Savings

The chilly winter months are becoming a distant memory as we begin to soak up the warm spring sunshine. As flowers begin blooming, now is the time to look at a few easy steps to help you spring into energy saving and help you save money as we head into the warmer summer months.

  1. Manage your bill on ​My Account. Our online energy management tools show you how much energy you are using, while the “Bill to Date” feature lets you know what your bill costs are to date at any time during the month. You can also view tips based on your energy saving goals and sign-up for Budget Billing.
  2. Spring gardening. While starting your yearly landscaping, proper selection and placement of trees, shrubs, and vines helps keep your home out of the sun. Click here to learn about our Energy-Saving Tree Program. This can be especially helpful as the summer months approach.
  3. Reducing sunlight. Inside the home, closing shades, blinds, and curtains can help keep unwanted heat from entering your home.
  4. Keep air moving. Turn on ceiling fans to evenly distribute cool air throughout your home and ensure furniture and other obstacles do not block ducts or fans, allowing cooled air to circulate freely. Take the opportunity to open windows for fresh air on comfortable temperature days.
  5. Unplug unused electrical devices. Chargers use energy when left plugged in, even after your device is fully charged. Walk through your home and check for outlets that may have items plugged in on a regular basis but are not in use.
  6. Filter savings into your pocket. Regularly changing your filter and getting your cooling equipment tuned by a professional service representative can save you money while increasing the comfort level in your home or business. Spring is a great time to schedule a professional service tune-up before summer arrives and availability becomes limited.
  7. Another bright idea! Consider replacing incandescent light bulbs with more efficient LEDs. These bulbs use less energy and can be a quick and easy savings solution.

As COVID-19 continues to have economic impacts across our communities, saving money is more important than ever. By springing into savings now with these tips, you can start saving and prepare for the warmer summer months to come.

Not sure where to start? Visit or call us at 866-353-5789. Our experts can point you in the right direction to spring into savings this season. ​