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Switch to Natural Gas: Tips for Homeowners

Converting your home to natural gas is a big step. There are many benefits that come with switching to gas, both economically and environmentally. As you make the transition, following these tips will help assure that your path to converting is a success.

  • Contact Delmarva Power’s My Switch To Gas team to determine if natural gas is available. A natural gas main may not be available in your area, in which case a team will need to determine if there is an opportunity for a future conversion project.
  • Hire a licensed HVAC technician or plumber to perform all work inside the home. A contractor form is required with your application submission once it is determined that natural gas is available for your home. Applications are available online or by calling one of our Residential Gas coordinators at 302-429-3117.
  • Schedule a visit from one of our gas field technicians before converting to natural gas. They will be able to tell you about the job, where the service line should go and answer any questions about the process. They will then design the job and prepare for the construction process.
  • Contact Delmarva Power to schedule your meter installation once all work from your contractor has been completed, inspected, and tested by New Castle County.

The timeline to have a service line installed typically takes six to eight weeks after the field technician meeting has been performed, all necessary forms have been completed and submitted with final engineer approval.

The Delmarva Power team is available to answer any questions you have and happy to help you through the conversion process. If interested in converting to natural gas, please call 302-429-3117 or e-mail You can also visit