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Time for a Free Home Energy Check-up

Would you take one hour of your day to ensure your home is healthy and working as efficiently as possible during the hot summer months? Then our Quick Home Energy Check-up is for you! Atlantic City Electric customers are eligible to participate in a free home evaluation conducted by one of our expert energy analysts to identify opportunities to save money and energy.

During the check-up, your energy analyst will evaluate key areas that can improve your energy use. These areas include insulation levels, air leakage, heating and cooling systems, windows and doors, lighting and appliances, and water heating equipment. According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, water heating consumed 12 percent of residential energy use[1]. Our experts can make recommendations to reduce that usage and other areas to save you money over time.

“The Quick Home Energy Check-up is a simple and easy way for customers to have customized recommendations made specific to their needs and home,” said Nathanael Gillespie, manager, Energy Efficiency Residential Programs. “The check-up has provided great success to residents and identifies opportunities from a trusted expert.”

Once the energy analyst reviews your home, recommendations will be made for energy improvement and cost-saving opportunities. With home owner permission, the energy analyst can install energy saving products that can make an impact right away, such as LED bulbs, smart thermostats, water heater pipe wrap(s), ShowerStart™ showerhead adapter, efficient-flow showerheads, faucet aerators, and power strips.

Click here to schedule your free Quick Home Energy Check-up today or call 855-861-0151. In addition to a Quick Home Energy Check-up, My Account can provide additional energy and money saving tips for customers.

Just like your own health, it is important to make sure your home is operating in an optimal way and affordably providing you and your family with a safe, efficient, and comfortable environment.