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What You Need to Know About Gas Leak Surveys

Over 138,000 customers in New Castle County utilize gas services for a variety of reasons. From heating and hot water to fireplaces and generators, having a gas service is beneficial to their way of life, in their homes or businesses.

For Delmarva Power to continue to provide those customers with safe and reliable gas service, we conduct annual Leak Survey activities from March to December to determine whether any repairs are needed to our gas facilities, service lines and meters at the property. Below is some information about our Leak Survey process and how individuals can help as Delmarva Power gas customers.

What is a Leak Survey?

Leak Survey is a program to detect, classify and report natural gas leaks in Delmarva Power’s distribution and transmission pipeline systems and facilities.

Leak Survey Inspections

Delmarva Power’s Leak Survey program begins in mid-March, ends in December, and covers our service territory in New Castle County. Residential customers are scheduled every three years for an inspection, while commercial and other non-residential locations are scheduled yearly. Most inspections are performed outside and cover the gas main and service line, up to the meter.

If your gas meter is inside, we will need access to the meter. We’ll send a letter approximately two weeks prior to the survey visit. Technicians from Heath Consultants Inc. and Precision Pipeline Solutions will come out to perform surveys. These are Contractors of Choice with Delmarva Power.

Along with our walking survey, we also perform a mobile leak survey for gas mains throughout our territory.

Day of Inspection

On the day of inspection, a contract technician will arrive on the property to perform an inspection on gas facilities, including the service line and all gas equipment. If the meter is inside, the technician may knock on the door to inform the customer we will be performing an inspection and need access. If the customer is not present or unavailable upon arrival, the technician will leave a door hanger. The door hanger will provide the customer information to call us and schedule a more convenient time for us to return and perform the inspection.

Additional Information

If you have any questions about Leak Survey, please contact Delmarva Power at 1-800-375-7117.