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Celebrating National Lineworker Appreciation Day

Each year on July 10, National Lineworker Appreciation Day recognizes those responsible for maintaining and enhancing the local energy grid—overhead, underground and everywhere that it extends. Lineworkers regularly brave harsh weather and respond at any hour when emerging issues require their expert technical skills to keep the lights on for our customers. For more than a year now, our lineworkers have continued to provide safe and reliable power during the COVID-19 pandemic, when reliable energy service became more critical than ever.

Our lineworkers are responsible for maintaining tens of thousands of miles of transmission and distribution lines across South Jersey. Each day, crews are completing projects to modernize the local energy grid and strengthen the system against severe weather. These efforts continue to improve reliability for our more than 560,000 customers and, in 2020, our customers experienced the lowest frequency of electric outages ever. During Tropical Storm Isaias, crews were able to restore service to 90 percent of the more than 200,000 customers within 36 hours and 95 percent in just 48 hours after the storm moved out of the company’s service area all during the COVID-19 pandemic. The teamwork, selflessness and commitment to our customers in challenging conditions that our lineworkers have is inspiring.

Join in saying thank you by using the hashtag #ThankALineworker on social media—Facebook and Twitter.