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Path to Success Program Puts Local Teen One Step Closer to Career in Energy

Late last year, 18 high school seniors began participating virtually in our Path to Success Program—a one-on-one career coaching, career exploration and professional skill building opportunity. Students who successfully complete the program earn a chance for employment with Delmarva Power or a partnering contractor.

Elijah James, a senior at Saint Mark’s High School, began the program this school year and shared his experience with us.

Timothy: First, I think our readers would like to know what made you apply for the Path to Success Program?

Elijah: Thanks for the opportunity to share my experiences. It was really simple, at least to me.
I wanted to do something different. I’ve always been interested in a trade but I wasn’t too sure which one. The Path to Success Program helped me realize that there are other options outside of what many believe to be the norm of finishing high school and going straight to college.

Amber: You’ve been in the program for a few months now. What is your favorite part?

Elijah: The first thing that comes to mind is the support system we receive from the start. I always feel like I can call or email any of the tutors or Mr. Thornton from Delmarva Power for help. They don’t limit assistance to just our schoolwork and allow me to connect with them on personal aspects of my life. They truly care. It’s a great feeling.

Timothy: I think we’re all interested in hearing about your biggest takeaway from participating in the program?

Elijah: I’ve learned that there are a number of career options out there for myself and others just like me—those that are unsure of what they want to do or what the future has in store for them. There are opportunities that I don’t think I would have ever heard about without Path to Success. The program has really taught me that if I focus and work hard anything is possible—I don’t have to be another statistic.

Amber: So, let’s look into the future a bit. You’ll successfully complete the program in June 2021; where do you see yourself after graduation?

Elijah: Honestly, I see myself at Delmarva Power or a partnering contractor. If offered a position with either company, I could see myself in the energy industry  for many years. With all the information and hands on experiences provided through the program, I feel that I am being prepared thoroughly and given the opportunity to make a real impact wherever I land.

Timothy: What advice would you give someone interested in applying to the Path to Success Program?

Elijah: The best piece of advice I can provide is to be open to new opportunities. This program has already had a significant impact on my life, inspiring me to do things I never thought were possible or in my wheelhouse. I think the program can have this same impact on others.

The Path to Success commitment for students is in addition to traditional school responsibilities. Students interested in making the commitment beginning in their junior year should contact their school counselor for more information.