Electric Vehicle Workshop and Showcase Draws Crowds from Across the Region
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Electric Vehicle Workshop and Showcase Draws Crowds from Across the Region

As part of our work advancing technologies that empower customers, promote sustainable solutions, and drive a 21st century economy, Pepco recently hosted an electric vehicle (EV) workshop at our WaterShed Sustainability Center in Rockville, Md. 

The Greater Washington, D.C. State of Maryland EV Workshop and Showcase brought together nearly 200 individuals from Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia who discussed current efforts to electrify transit and school buses, taxis, and other ride-share vehicles, with the goal of reducing pollution and costs.
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During the event, government leaders and local officials explained their long-term plans to expand the number of EV charging stations and increase existing EV fleets, helping solidify the region as a leader in advancing this technology.  

“We’re excited about the community interest and investment in EVs and EV infrastructure projects in the region, and are focused on implementing unique programs that help customers access chargers and save money and energy,” said Scott Tjaden, Innovation Technology Specialist for Pepco. “Having discussions with other local organization and agencies helps us better understand what needs exist now and what we need to plan for in the future as even more transportation is electrified.”

Various car dealers attended the event, offering participants a chance to drive an EV. Check out this great look at the event from local TV station WDVM.