Exelon Sponsors Extended Metro Hours After Nats' Game 5
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Exelon Sponsors Extended Metro Hours After Nats' Game 5

Hours before Nationals Park hosted Game 5 of the Washington Nationals vs. Chicago Cubs, Exelon  the parent company of Pepco  stepped up to cover the costs needed to keep Washington Metro open past midnight.

Exelon is also the parent company of ComEd, electric service providers in Chicago. So it was only natural that Exelon ensured Washington metro area fans of either team could revel in every minute of the high-stakes game.

Washington metro-area fans rejoiced at Exelon's intervention, especially as the 9th inning stretched into 1 a.m.

The game was close.

Pepco Holdings CEO Dave Velazquez staked a trip to Ben's Chili Bowl on the Nationals' possible victory.

ComEd CEO, Anne Pramaggiore, wagered deep dish pizza for a Cubs win.

In the end, the Cubs were victorious, and Pepco's CEO Dave Velazquez wished his Chicago-based colleagues well.

Congratulations to both teams on a hard-fought, thrilling game. Pepco looks forward to their beloved Nationals’ redemption next season with no multi-layered pizza to weigh them down.