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Pepco’s Harvard Substation Upgrade: Improving Reliability and Enhancing Community Well-being

Our Pepco teams recently achieved a significant milestone in the Capital Grid project with the successful upgrade and energization of Pepco’s Harvard substation. This work marks a crucial step toward enhancing the reliability of the local energy grid, supporting the growth of renewable energy and enabling more economic development in the region.

The Harvard substation was built in 1907 and has served the area for more than 100 years. While well maintained, some equipment was very old and approaching the end of its intended service life. Upgrades to the substation included installing high-capacity transformers and feeders and modernizing equipment, connecting the substation to a new networked system, and improving the substation exterior while reflecting community input and preserving historical significance. With the flip of a switch, power now flows through the upgraded substation, illuminating homes and businesses and paving the way for a more resilient future.

This achievement is the result of hard work, innovation, and strong collaboration with the local community. Learn more about the project in this video: